Using the API with uTorrent

Before you can use this uTorrent API, you must enabled the WebUI feature of uTorrent. This can be done by accessing the Options->Preferences menu in uTorrent. Then select Advanced->Web UI from the treeview. Check the enable box and put in your settings for username, password, port, etc. Make sure to read the Requirements and Gotchas page for setup and common issues.

Fixes and new features

The API currently does everything that I need it to do. However, if it doesn't meet your needs, I would love to add the functionality you need. Just open an issue in the issue tracker or start a discussion with the details of what you want, and I'll add it.

Developer documentation

API documentation for the current released version can be accessed here:

Sample Powershell Scripts

For information on necessary setup and examples of scripts that you can write with the API, see Sample Powershell Scripts.

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